Sunday, February 14, 2016

Internet of Things - Consumer Applications - 2016

Internet of Things Consumers

Wearables, smart houses, and smart hotel desks - more and more smart consumer utilities  are going to developed.  Connected objects are set to become a part of consumers' lives.

The connected objects will do a better job finding you parking places, taking care of your health, and coordinating your deliveries from various vendors It could almost be like having a personal valet.

Some specific IOT consumer applications are given in MIT Sloan Management Review.

1. Famed design firm IDEO is trying to create a headband that lets people measure their brain activity and track their mental focus.

2. An Internet-connected  washing machine model is quite smart. It may become the model for what we want in our appliances: connectivity without complexity.

3. The Internet of Things could mean smart light bulbs that wake you up by getting brighter without the sound alarm that disturbs people in other rooms also.

4. There’s already a big market for sensor-driven wearables, like Jawbone and FitBit wristbands. A smash hit will make its appearance shortly.

5. IoT connected smart locks and rooms will be provided by hotels.

6. IoT connected apparel would help sportsmen get better at sport. Also they will indicate injuries and warn players and coaches.

7. Of course, the consumer Internet will be subjected hacking risks and hence needs anti hacking software.

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