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Emerging Research in Cloud Distributed Computing Systems
Bagchi, Susmit
IGI Global, Mar 31, 2015 - 447 pages

Traditional computing concepts are maturing into a new generation of cloud computing systems with wide-spread global applications. However, even as these systems continue to expand, they are accompanied by overall performance degradation and wasted resources.

Emerging Research in Cloud Distributed Computing Systems covers the latest innovations in resource management, control and monitoring applications, and security of cloud technology. Compiling and analyzing current trends, technological concepts, and future directions of computing systems, this publication is a timely resource for practicing engineers, technologists, researchers, and advanced students interested in the domain of cloud computing.

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Two thirds of large enterprises ready to move mission critical apps to cloud

Virtustream, a provider of cloud software and infrastructure as a service, surveyed 100 medium and large organisations across the private and public sectors and found that 69 per cent are planning to move their mission critical applications into the cloud by the end of 2014, with ERP systems making up the majority of those applications.

visiongain has determined that the value of the global cloud computing services market in 2013 will reach $35.6 billion.

The 20 Coolest Cloud Platform Vendors


There are 5000 Global Delivery centers now. They include both inhouse centers and cloud computing centers.

Gartner Says the Personal Cloud Will Replace the Personal Computer as the Center of Users' Digital Lives by 2014

August 2011

Soft Prodigy Cloud Computing - India

June 2011

Worldwide cloud computing sales are set to triple to nearly USD 73 billion by 2015

In 2010, around USD 21.5 billion was spent on cloud computing and related services. By 2015, that figure is expected to more than triple – to around USD 73 billion. That makes cloud computing the fastest-growing segment in the ICT business


November 2010
India cloud computing providers

Technology experts and stakeholders say they expect they will ‘live mostly
in the cloud’ in 2020 and not on the desktop, working mostly through
cyberspace-based applications accessed through networked devices.

“By 2020, most people won't do their work with software running on a general-purpose
PC. Instead, they will work in Internet-based applications such as Google Docs, and in
applications run from smartphones.

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