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Business Analytics and Marketing Applications - 2016



“Andy Frawley pours gasoline on the hot spots for marketers in Igniting Customer Connections. It’s about time we linked marketing success to customer satisfaction.

This smart, practical and approachable book clearly demonstrates why and how businesses can create meaningful connections with consumers.

“In Igniting Customer Connections, Andy Frawley provides an easy-to-follow roadmap for measuring and improving customer experience and engagement by leveraging relevance. Frawley draws upon his three decades of experience to give marketers sound strategies to improve ROE² (Return on Experience x Engagement).”

“Consumer interaction today is changing, and companies of all sizes need to take a new look at how they’re engaging with customers in ways that are truly relevant. Igniting Customer Connections is an important read for every marketer, offering a compelling guide to differentiating brands through a superior customer experience.”

Epsilon uses data analytics and marketing analytics to help our clients make better decisions and do smarter marketing in traditional and emerging channels, including social, mobile, web, and targeted display.
With an array of identification, segmentation, predictive modelling and measurement services, we transform massive amounts of data into useful insights. We turn chaos into clarity, transforming “what could be” into “what’s possible”. Because everything we do has measurable outcomes, we can continually monitor, re-evaluate and adjust your marketing mix to get the best results. Epsilon has over 125 statisticians, analysts and consultants who provide a comprehensive range of services to help you identify, reach, engage, convert and retain more customers.

Epsilon was founded in 1969, primarily as a database marketing company, and expanded into customer management and loyalty marketing programs--a rich source of customer data--in the 1970s and '80s. It was acquired by Alliance Data Systems, the Texas-based marketing, loyalty program and credit vendor, in 2004. In 2014,  Alliance purchased digital marketing and personalization company Conversant and integrated it with Epsilon, creating fresh strengths in display, video, and especially mobile advertising.

Read more about Epsilon's data analysis expertise and also case involing Epsilon and Wallgreens in

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Interview – John Young, Head of Analytics at Epsilon  0

Managing Social Media and Marketing Analytics for Competitive Advantage (Live Session)
Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business
Professor Christine Moorman.


Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business

Google Analytics for Enhanced Marketing Measurement
Swapnil Sinha – Head of Conversions at Google India
He is a BE in Computer Science and an MBA from University of Utah.


Analytics for Marketers with Bitly CEO Mark Josephson
General Assembly upload


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