Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Service Oriented Computing and Architecture - SOA


Service-Oriented Computing: ICSOC 2010 International Workshops PAASC, WESOA, SEE, and SC-LOG San Francisco, CA, USA, December 7-10, 2010, Revised Selected Papers

E. Michael Maximilien, Gustavo Rossi, Soe-Tsyr Yuan, Heiko Ludwig, Marcelo Fantinato
Springer, 25-Apr-2011 - Business & Economics - 266 pages

Designing Service Oriented Solutions
Mike Rosen

This book constitutes the joint post-proceedings of four topical workshops held as satellite meetings of the 8th International Conference on service-oriented computing, ICSOC 2010, held in San Francisco, CA, USA in December 2010. The 23 revised papers presented together with four introductory descriptions are organized in topical sections corresponding to the individual workshops: performance assessment and auditing in service computing (PAASC 2010), engineering service-oriented applications (WESOA 2010), services, energy and ecosystems (SEE 2010), and service-oriented computing in logistics (SOC-LOG 2010)


Service-oriented Architecture for Enterprise Applications

Shankar Kambhampaty
John Wiley & Sons, 2008 - Business - 245 pages

Service-Oriented Architecture is a book that emphasizes on architecture, design and development of enterprise applications based on SOA. The book provides detailed information on many dimensions of SOA-reuse, agility and integration-that can be put to immediate use for creating transformational impact. It also offers a comprehensive and structured set of techniques for custom-built service-oriented enterprise applications that can be readily applied by system integration companies and end-user organizations to address customer needs. The book equips you with both concepts and technology detail in addressing the IT challenges faced by organizations on their business transformation journey with SOA. This is the most sought after book by students who need to have an understanding of the concepts of SOA; architects, designers and developers who build SOA based enterprise applications and CXOs and Project managers who make decisions on undertaking SOA projects.

Special Features: · First book that focuses on architecture, design and development of Enterprise applications based on Service Oriented Architecture· Caters to the needs of students who need to understand the concepts of SOA, architects, designers and developers who build SOA based enterprise applications and CXOs and Project managers who make decisions on undertaking SOA projects· Includes detailed description (and code) to enable architects, designers and developers to build SOA applications on Java and .NET platforms· SOA is one of key areas on which IT services; product and end-user companies will be building substantial capability atleast until 2011. This book enables project teams in these companies to use it as a text book for their training programs on SOA