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Apple IPad and Tablet Computers


June 2012
Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet.
Review of Nexus 7

New Ipad
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IPads are now everywhere. Recently there was a massive protest and fast movement in India by Anna Hazare. The persons on the stage were following developments in the country over Ipad.

There is a news item that says Directors on the boards are being given Ipads to read balance sheets and other information of the company during board meetings also. Salesmen are carrying Ipads to demonstrate their products to customers. Recently there was a seminar in my Institute (on Wednesday, 24.8.2011). Two of the panel members brought their Ipads and doing something or other during idle periods. So tablet computers or Ipads are now the essential infrastructure of information processors. 


Apple IPad started the tablet growth. Now there are many more manufacturers of tablet computers.
In 2010, 15 million tablets were sold. Gartner expects 54 million is 2011. (  ). The sales will touch 204 million by 2014 (   )

Other Manufacturers and Their Products

Blackberry - Playbook

Motorola Xoom

Creative ZIIO - 7

Acer - Iconia A500 and  Iconia W500

Sony's Tablets   July 2011
4 May 2010

One Million IPads sold

Apple announced that it sold its one millionth iPad in just 28 days after its introduction on April 3, 2010. iPad users have already downloaded over 12 million apps from the App Store and over 1.5 million ebooks from the new iBookstore. 
“One million iPads in 28 days—that’s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Demand continues to exceed supply and we’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers.”
iPad allows users to connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before. Users can browse the web, read and send email, enjoy and share photos, watch HD videos, listen to music, play games, read ebooks and much more, all using iPad’s revolutionary Multi-Touch™ user interface. iPad is 0.5 inches thin and weighs just 1.5 pounds—thinner and lighter than any laptop or netbook—and delivers up to 10 hours of battery life.
Developers have created over 5,000 exciting new apps for iPad that take advantage of its Multi-Touch user interface, large screen and high-quality graphics.
Apple is advertising that using IPad people can browse web, write emails, flick through photos, and watch movies. It is a revolutionary device available at $499. It is just 1.5 pounds, 0.5 inches thin and has a 9.7 inch LED backlit IPS display.


Design Features


IPad can use wi-fi as well as 3G networks. But initially Wi-fi model will be available in March 2010. In April 3G enabled model will be available.

A full size key board can be used along with IPad.


iPad includes 12 new innovative apps designed especially for the iPad.

The new iBooks app for iPad includes Apple’s new iBookstore, the best way to browse, buy and read books on a mobile device. The iBookstore will feature books from major and independent publishers.

IPad will work with all the applications of IPhone. Developers on the job to create new applications as well as modify existing IPhone apps to make use of additional facilities offered by IPad.

Pricing & Availability 

iPad will be available in late March worldwide for a suggested retail price of $499 (US) for the 16GB model, $599 (US) for the 32GB model, $699 (US) for the 64GB model. The Wi-Fi + 3G models of iPad will be available in April in the US and selected countries for a suggested retail price of $629 (US) for the 16GB model, $729 (US) for the 32GB model and $829 (US) for the 64GB model. iPad will be sold in the US through the Apple Store® (, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. International pricing and worldwide availability will be announced at a later date. iBookstore will be available in the US at launch.




IPad and Mobile Games

At the launch, Apple showed off Gameloft’s Nova first-person shooter game, optimized for the iPad.

French mobile game publisher Gameloft says that it is very excited about making games for the new iPad tablet computer from Apple.
An entry in mobile gaming news says, "previews (on IPad) from EA and Gameloft of enhanced versions of existing titles  which looked pretty cool. It was good to see that they have used the extra screen size to add in more controls; more complicated gestures will also be possible on a bigger screen. Without a doubt, the games will be bigger, faster and exceed anything a DS or PSP could ever achieve."


Some people are pointing out shortcomings.
1. Only one application can be run at a time. People are now accustomed to run multiple applications on computers now. Hearing music and reading emails can be a combination that many may like.
2. Flash will not run on ipad.
3. USB port is not there.

Is Apple IPad the First Tablet PC?

In 2001 by Microsoft announced a pen-enabled computer conforming to hardware specifications devised by Microsoft and running "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition" operating system or a derivative thereof  and named it as Table PC.
Tablet PCs were produced by reputed companies as Compaq and Toshiba. Now the rush is to create tablet PCs with touch screens.
Different producers are announcing their models.
HP has a product


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Cloud Computing Service Providers - India

Cloud Computing Service Providers - India

Cloud Computing Service Providers - India


Microsoft cloud solutions for India
Visit for information and  videos
EMC Corporation and Zinnov Management Consulting India estimate that the total cloud market in India, currently at $400 million (2011), will reach a market value of $ 4.5 billion by 2015. Of this private cloud adoption will dominate and account for $3.5 billion in revenues, growing at over 60%. The study also estimates that the segment will create 100,000 jobs by 2015 from 10,000 today.
Get the SAP Saas edge with Wipro's Cloud Computing Services.
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Software Engineering, Testing and Project Management - Online Book

Software Engineering, Testing and Project Management - Knol Book

Software Engineering, Testing and Project Management - Knol Book

Software engineering is a systematic and disciplined approach to developing software. It applies both computer science and engineering principles and practices to the creation, operation, and maintenance of software systems.


Collected Knols


Short urls
Narayana Rao - 25 Dec 2010

50 Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

In the areas of management, engineering and sciences. Knol books to help visitors browse knols in a subject in an easy way.


I advocate that Knol authors assemble at least 1000 knol books at the earliest. Knol has good content. It needs to be organized around subjects. Then gaps can be identified and can be filled by writing new knols.
Narayana Rao - 24 Dec 2010

Seasons Greetings

Narayana Rao - 23 Dec 2010

ASP.NET - Online Book

ASP.NET Knol Book

ASP.NET Knol Book


ASP.NET is a server side scripting technology that enables scripts (embedded in web pages) to be executed by an Internet server.
•ASP.NET is a Microsoft Technology
•ASP stands for Active Server Pages
•ASP.NET is a program that runs inside IIS (Internet Information Services), Microsoft's Internet server
•IIS comes as a free component with Windows servers
•IIS is also a part of Windows 2000 and XP Professional

An ASP.NET file is just the same as an HTML file. It can contain HTML, XML, and scripts
•Scripts in an ASP.NET file are executed on the server
•An ASP.NET file has the file extension ".aspx"

ASP.NET Working

When a browser requests an ASP.NET file, IIS passes the request to the ASP.NET engine on the server.
The ASP.NET engine reads the file, line by line, and executes the scripts in the file.
Finally, the ASP.NET file is returned to the browser as plain HTML

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