Sunday, July 24, 2016

Senior Analytics Scientist - Risk Analytics - Job Specification

A Analytics-driven e-commerce company is looking for:

Job Title: Senior Analytics Scientist - Risk Analytics

Role Outline
Senior Analytics Scientist - Risk Analytics and reports to the Sr. Mgr / Director leading the team.

The key requirement for the role is the ability to understand the business, develop data driven solutions to address business problems and provide analytic support to the risk analytics group. The individual will possess the ability to work in teams and display a proactive learning attitude.

Job Description
Job Title : Senior Analytics Scientist - Risk Analytics
Department : Risk Analytics
Reports To : Sr. Manager / Director

Key responsibilities
* Key responsibilities include
o Building models to predict risk and other key metrics
o Coming up with data driven solutions to control risk
o Finding opportunities to acquire more customers by modifying/optimizing existing rules
o Doing periodic upgrades of the underwriting strategy based on business requirements
o Evaluating 3rd party solutions for predicting/controlling risk of the portfolio
o Running periodic controlled tests to optimize underwriting
o Monitoring key portfolio metrics and take data driven actions based on the performance
* Business Knowledge: Develop an understanding of the domain/function. Manage business process (es) in the work area. The individual is expected to develop domain expertise in his/her work area.
* Teamwork: Develop cross site relationships to enhance leverage of ideas. Set and manage partner expectations. Drive implementation of projects with Engineering team while partnering seamlessly with cross site team members.
* Communication: Responsibly perform end to end project communication across the various levels in the organization.

Candidate Specification:
* Should have solid understanding of probability and stats; Bayesian methods, probability distributions, Central limit theorem etc.
* Should be familiar with some of the following GLM, logistic regression, Random forest, Gradient boosting trees, CART, Naïve bayes, Linear Program, Mixed Integer program, etc.
* Knowledge of analytical tools such as R/Python/SAS/SQL
* Experience in handling complex data sources
* Dexterity with MySQL, MS Excel
* Strong Analytical aptitude and logical reasoning ability
* Strong presentation and communication skills.
* Strong process/project management skill

* 3 - 5 years of experience in Financial Services/Analytics Industry/ecommerce
* Understanding of the financial services business

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