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Information Technology Research and Development - Issues and Trends

Information Technology Research and Development: Critical Trends and Issues (Google eBook)
United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment, Unknown Author
Elsevier, Sep 24, 2013 - 360 pages

Information Technology Research and Development: Critical Trends and Issues is a report of the Office of Technology Assessment of the United States Government on the research and development in the area of information technology.

The report discusses information technology research and development - its goals, nature, issues, and strategies; environment and its changes; the roles of the participants; and the health of its field.

The book then goes on to four selected case studies in information technology: advanced computer architecture; fiber optic communications; software engineering; and artificial intelligence. The text also talks about the effects of divestiture and deregulation on research; education and human resources for research and development; foreign information technology research and development; and technology and industry.

The text is recommended for students and researchers of information technology who wish to know more about the state of research and development in this field and the applications of this research in different areas.

Goals for USA Federal R&D Policy for IT

Support National Defense
Provide for Social Needs
Promote Economic Growth
Advance Basic Understanding of the World
Enhance National Prestige
Support Civilian Agency Missions

Most areas of IT are still in the early stages as technologies. Further improvement depends upon more fundamental research and technical development.

Innovation is a process that includes research and development, manufacturing or production, and distribution.

Von Neumann architecture is serial architecture. Parallel processing architectures are a research area.

International Competitiveness in Electronics

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