Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What is Data Science? - An Introduction to Data Science

Data driven or data analysis driven decision making is age old. But new data processing technology allows people to process days in ways that was not done before. Hence data will drive business decisions much more intensively in the next decade.

IT departments are not content anymore with just providing technology for processing data. The discipline and the profession of  IT is getting  involved in finding and understanding the relevance of new data sources, big and small.

The practice of business intelligence is  expanding to create to develop capabilities for analyzing and visualizing structured and unstructured data for their relevance for business decision making, and then building applications that can be run on a periodic basis which can as small as even seconds to take crime or fraud prevention activities.

Data science is the name of this emerging discipline.

Data Science Tutorial 1 - Video



More videos are available on YouTube on Data Science

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