Thursday, May 31, 2012

Linux - Online Book of Readings

Linux - Knol Book

Linux - Knol Book

50 Knols with 1000 page views and more (404 knols 31.8.2011) 108 articles with 500 and more page views



Collected Knols

  • Linux Commands
    Linux Command
  • Open File Limits Settings on Ubuntu (new link)
    Developer Workstation ulimit
  • How to set up an email server using Linux and Postfix
    A guide to setting up a secure, scalable and high performance email server
  • Configuring VMware 2.0 Server Networking on a Linux host
    Configure Vmware 2.0 server networking
  • Create a minimal Centos Linux Install
  • Linux Overview
    A Open Source World
  • 10 Linux commands you’ve never used
  • Linux and Shell Commands
    Linux, Linux/Unix Shells
  • Linux Free Request CD's & Download Major Linux Distributions
    A Linux Collections
  • How to Restart ALSA Sound Driver in Linux
    Restarting Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  • Howto migrate to Linux
    Tips and ideas for a sucessful migration to Linux


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